Water Assisted Liposuction
Water Assisted Liposuction

Water Assisted Liposuction

Young Girl in blue bikini - showing a slim waistWater assisted liposuction is a procedure that was designed to avoid some of the problems associated with tumescent liposuction techniques. In tumescent liposuction, fatty tissues swell, reducing the accuracy of the procedure. But with water assisted liposuction, patients can immediately feel the smooth skin without a lot of the side effects like bruises and pain. Water assisted liposuction sessions require only local anesthetic, typically take less time than tumescent procedures, and require less manual pressure by the physician.

Water assisted liposuction, also known as water lipo or H2O lipo uses water pressure to wash away fat, creating less trauma to surrounding tissues like arteries, veins, and nerves. The procedure is used to contour and sculpt the body using water, rather than lasers, or a tumescent solution. Water assisted liposuction is well known for producing excellent results with only a minimal recovery period.

Water assisted liposuction uses a beam of water to dislodge fat cells before they are suctioned out of the body using a hollow tube called a cannula and aspirator. The procedure differs from tumescent liposuction which makes use of a solution of lidocaine and bicarbonate to cause fat cells to swell or “tumesce”. Tumescent liposuction leaves patients with substantially more swelling than water assisted liposuction. During a water assisted liposuction procedure, water is sprayed at the target fat cells and then it is suctioned back up almost immediately with the cannula.

Who Is a Good Candidate for the Procedure?

female model - on water surfaceBoth men and women can benefit from water assisted liposuction. Ideal patients will be close to their target weight (within at least 30 pounds) with only isolated fatty deposits that have simply not been responsive to changes in diet and exercise. Water assisted liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, but rather a body sculpting and contouring procedure. Prospective patients should only expect to lose about 5 pounds during the procedure.

Good candidates will have good elasticity and firmness to their skin as well as realistic expectations about what the procedure can do for them.The ideal candidate is usually between 30 and 60 years of age, and in good general health before the procedure.

The only way to know for sure whether or not you are a good candidate for water assisted liposuction is to set up an initial consultation to talk with a doctor to talk about your situation.

How to Use This Web Site

WaterAssistedLiposuction.com is a one-stop resource created for prospective water assisted liposuction patients. You’ll find step-by-step information about the water assisted liposuction procedure as well as information about potential risks and benefits. Use this web site to learn more about what you can expect during recovery from this procedure. And if you’re concerned about costs associated with water assisted liposuction, you can find out how to make the procedure more affordable for you as well.

WaterAssistedLiposuction.com offers patients the ability to track down a qualified, board certified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure, while taking you through the basics of how to determine which doctor is right for you. After you’ve studied the information contained at this web site, take some time to peruse the before and after images of patients who have undergone water assisted liposuction. Use the images to learn more about how this procedure could potentially benefit you.

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